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Merch by Amazon is an on demand t-shirt printing service that allows you to upload and sell your t-shirt designs on Amazon for free. All you have to do is upload your design, set your price, pick a few t-shirt colors, and submit the design. Merch by Amazon takes care of the rest. With Merch by Amazon, you'll get paid a royalty on each t-shirt that you sell. Some of the links below are using affiliate links from trusted websites.

You can request an invitation for Merch by Amazon here if you aren't a member.

Official Merch by Amazon Forums Reference

Merch by Amazon, Official Forums

The official Merch by Amazon forums. There is information about everything Merch related here. You will definitely want to create an account and read the backlog of questions and answers to learn how Merch operate.

Merch Informer Reference

Merch Informer, Research   AFFILIATE 

Merch Informer is the only Merch By Amazon tool you will want to use. Merch Informer has great tools for beginners and advanced users such as keyword research, comparison analysis, historical trend data, and many more features. Merch Informer offers a free trial, so you can test the tools out.

Merch by Amazon Facebok Group Reference

Merch by Amazon Group, Facebook

With around 50,000 members, this is the best Merch by Amazon group online. This group is an extremely active group with engaged admins to keep the group under control. This group was created by Chris Green, a brilliant Amazon guru, for this amazing community.

Amazon Merch Subreddit

Amazon Merch, Reddit

A growing Merch group on Reddit that has over 2,500 members. This subreddit, called Amazon Merch, is a great alternative for current information compared to the official Merch by Amazon forums, since you will probably get a response from someone experienced within a few hours.

Michael Essek Reference

Michael Essek, Merch Blog

Michael Essek is a very successful Merch by Amazon seller that blogs. His blog is full of useful information for people that love case studies. Many beginners will appreciate his blog and transparency. Also, check out his t-shirt books for many print on demand secrets not discussed on his blog.

Merch Designer Reference

Merch Designer, Online T-shirt Creator

Merch Designer is an amazing, free online t-shirt creation tool for designers on the go. You can quickly create designs for Merch by Amazon on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Make Merch Reference

Make-Merch, Online T-shirt Creator

Make-Merch is another great, free online t-shirt creation tool for designers to create designs on the go. This online t-shirt creating features are available without signing up.

Design Pickle Reference

Design Pickle, Unlimited Designs   AFFILIATE 

Design Pickle is a way for non-designers to get unlimited designs for a great rate. Customers pay a flat monthly rate to get designs created from a dedicated professional designer.